About Me

It seems that you want to know more about me.

Let’s dive right into it.

I am just another aspiring part time blogger from a normal middle class family.

I am a medical doctor by profession. Currently, pursuing my Healthcare MBA in India.

I came to know more about the importance of health insurance even before joining my MBA.

But I know little of it then, later read more about how to analyze a health insurance policy, etc.

Everyone we know takes health insurance of some kind in their lifetime, but they know little about taking the right plan at the right age and time.

Health Insurance is complex by default, so in order to simplify them I had started this blog.

Of course, my experience in this arena is little..

But will try to simplify and state genuine content to serve the best of your time.

Initially, I wished to become a cyber security professional after my 12th standard results.

Yes, you think I might be joking.

But jokes apart, here I am in 2020 with a blog to write upon health insurance specifically.

I also binge watch a lot of movies during my college times, this has reduced a lot due to the current MBA course.

Some of favorites are: The Matrix, Harry Potter series, X- Men series, etc.

Even without knowing, I even started a blog during my second year of college.

Where I had posted content about my college lectures, ppts and blog posts about famous Indian doctors.

I didn’t know anything about the basics of blogging, even that blog was in blogspot.

I used to install a hit counter and check the blog multiple times to increase the counter.

But no way I could cross even 500 hits.

Just closed the blog, focused on studies later.

Passed out of college, then tried my hands in post graduation preparation.

In the first year, I could not crack the entrance.

Later in the second year, I glanced about the opportunity of an Healthcare MBA and came into it now.

As of now, I am still in MBA college 2nd year.

I had started this blog also, to keep a touch upon the industry happening so that I could commit to putting content out on a regular basis and be updated simultaneosuly.

In my MBA classes, I used to read that people go into poverty due to out of pocket expenditure.

But after getting to know more about retail health insurance plans and how they work.

It was alarming to me and it made sense that If you choose the wrong plan also it will trap us into poverty even after spending a lot on paying premiums for them.

I even had a bad experience while applying for health insurance for a friend, the moment we paid the premiums the agents stopped responding to our queries properly.

Ya, there are more insider stories I had read which are so alarming.

I will write about them too in my blog.

Meanwhile, If you want any help with your health insurance related queries. I am glad to be of any help.


Sathish R.

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Looking towards your ping in future.

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